5 Reasons Why God Is Real

This article will tell us about the 5 reasons why people believe that God is real. It will give us the details on why people have formulated religions and beliefs of a higher being.

According to believers, God do exist. They believe to have proof about this. The following are the 5 known reasons why God is real:

  • God exists because the intricacy of the universe is made by a deliberate Designer. He not only made the entire universe, but sustains it until today.

This is what religions believe upon. The universe, as we all know seem to be done perfectly designed. We are living in a world where we are sustained with the air we need in order to breathe, we have a sun that gives us light and heat. At night, we are not of total darkness because there are beautiful stars in the sky. We also have the moon that brightens the night even more. All of these are reasons alone why God do exist.

If one has a belief in a certain religion, it will be difficult to say that these all happens because of coincidence. Everything we see is all God’s creation. He knows what we need, that is why He made everything around us.

  • God exists because the human brain is complex and shows higher intelligence behind it.

We are gifted with a powerful mind. The way it works is amazing. Everything about it is perfectly generating. Right from how it sends information though the nerves for us to feel senses. These are all not because of coincidence. Science even stated that the human body is a remarkable machine which they cannot explain why. God made all of these work for us, because he is a genuine designer and maker.

  • God exists because the chances and natural cause theories do not have sufficient explanations.

Science predicts that things are like they are right now because of natural causes. That it is due to the process of living things being changed in time. Everything that happens is not designed, but it is the outcome of all of the past. But actually, everything is perfect because there is a God that made it all perfect. He wants us to live in a place where we can have all the necessary things as they are because we need them as they are.

  • God exists because a lot people believe in it.

It all starts thousands of years ago. Right from then on, people believed in God. If it weren’t all true, how come that belief made its way to the future? Along the generations, more and more people have gained disbelief in God merely because they have been influenced by their abilities. People make more modern things, and they believe more on what they can do rather than what God can do. But still, religious people are of billions. Their number cannot be compared with the number of nonbelievers in the world.

  • God exists because He pursues us.

Do you wonder why you are always seeking for God whenever you have problems? Recall the times you have been lonely, and you feel like there is no one else out there to help you out. Still, there is a voice inside you telling you that everything will be alright. It is God telling you that you are not alone. Even non-believers can feel this, but they seem to ignore it. Life is better, easier, and clearer with God in our hearts.