Container Gardening

Container Gardening

Container gardening is the manner of growing plants in containers. Traditionally, they are planted in pots made of terracotta. Some are made by plastics and window boxes that are commonly seen. Also pots are also used such as flower pots. Most container plants are all flowering plants. They can be good decorations for the house. With limited space, container gardening is more recommended.

For people who wants to try container gardening on their homes, here are the basic guidelines for them to help them begin with the job.

  • First is to choose containers that have wide openings. Plant containers with narrow opening are very difficult to manage. It should be wide enough for us to be able to get our trowels and hands inside.
  • Avoid the use of cheap plant pots, for it may deteriorate with the exposure to UV sunlight. This is subjected to those who want to build a container garden outdoors. It is better if we choose glazed ceramic pots instead. They are technically made to endure excessive heat and other nature forces.
  • Choose containers that are between 15 and 120 quartz capacity. Small pots may not handle plant roots that much. The roots have to have enough area for them to grow wider and the plants to be healthier.
  • Gardeners who has hot climate in their place may consider using light-colored containers to lessen the heat absorption and to prevent uneven root growth.
  • Place the pots and plant containers above bricks or blocks so it may allow proper drainage.
  • Plants that are in clay pots should be maintained moist. Clays are porous and water can slip through its side. Continuous watering of plants on a clay pot is advised.
  • Some plants are placed on baskets while hanging somewhere on the wall. If this kind of container plant hangs outside, it is better to keep it away from the afternoon sun. The plants may wither when placed with direct sunlight.

Some gardeners choose container pots and place a mixture of plants inside. It is better to place in flowering plants with colors that will create good combinations. It is also be better to keep them a lot more moisture than the single plant container box. Multiple plants will need more moisture than the single ones.

Other container gardeners have found out how to use a 1Csoilless 1D potting mixture and said it works best. These kinds of container plants are easily drained. They are also lightweight. It can be perfect for indoor container gardens.

Container plant materials are all available in the nearest gardening store or any DIY markets. For us who loves decorate our houses with beautiful nature, now we can better enjoy them on cute looking container gardens. We may design how they are planted according to what ideas we like. The designs will be up to us and always feel free to experiment with it. Gardening is one of the most fun hobby we can have and it can benefit us a lot, so start a gardening habit with container gardening.