Welcome To The Eid Party That Will Leave You The Best Memories

Ramadan is surely the most popular religious celebration for the Muslims. If you are invited to a Eid party and wonder what to expect read on to find out.

Millions of people all around the world celebrate the Ramadan for thirty days during the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. They try to improve themselves following the principles of their faith, where no eating neither drinking is allowed. The holy book of the Qur’an is used as a guide to the mankind as well as judgments, where one is able to understand the difference between right and wrong.

It is amazing that through fasting and lack of pleasure great things are achieved as the one to discipline your body and mind. In fact, the Muslims use the month to start their life in a new direction without having to complain; on the contrary they focus on the prayer and the worship. Many people who are not Muslims question this direction. It can be explained as the period in Christianity when it is New Years Eve and people sit down and make an analysis of their current life and how they want it to be for the coming years.

In fact, this period is considered a real blessing for the people since The Satan is believed to be locked and not to interfere with the believers. 


This celebration is all about having fun and the Muslims know how to do that. There is going to be organized some fun activities such as playing quizzes ,music and dancing .Although the different hosts like to organize it in their own way ,as they really have an idea of who they are expecting and know the preferences of their relatives. Whatever the organization the sure thing is that they will be celebrate.


In case you are about to host a party and wonder from where to take ideas, it is a good idea to visit some forums and check them. If though you think that you have not prepared a lot of food and activities you can always rely on the music. It is the most natural mean of entertainment. It will sure boost their spirits and their bodies will enjoy the party more than you expected. Usually the man is so active that their joy can not be hidden.

In addition, a good idea is to use costumes in the party. The funnier you will look and the better will be your mood. 


You must take the gifts in case there are small kids. In fact, they are not expensive but if the number of the kids does not allow you to shop for more money that you would like to ,don’t worry. Here we have a recipe for making a small box for candies from simple materials such as glue, paper color pen. You make a quadratic box and just go to the chocolate store where you will find good prices and still are able to impress the kids.